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What is the actual laser hair removal procedure like?

It’s a rather remarkable procedure when you stop to think about it. During the procedure your physician will pass a handheld laser over your skin and zap thousands of hairs, one after the other. When the laser light passes through your skin's surface it reaches the tiny sacs underneath, which are called hair follicles. Each follicle contains a bulb that germinates a hair shaft. When light reaches your hair follicles, it temporarily generates enough heat to destroy the follicles and bulbs. If the procedure is successful, your old hair falls out and new hair doesn't grow back. Pretty nifty, isn’t it? The one main downer to this form of hair removal is that you have to repeat visits to get all the hair. Since hair grows in staggered cycles, and the laser only removes current growth, you have to go back over a period of months to completely erase all possible hair follicles. The exciting news is that most people see a hair removal of 60 to 95 percent within six months. It is possible to have hair grow back in small areas but this hair is usually very fine and light in color.

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Laser Hair Removal Equipment

The Laser Hair Removal is the most advanced way in which both men and women can remove hair permanently from the entire body. Until the appearance of the Laser Hair Removal technology, most people used and still use traditional and painful ways to remove hair

Those ways include: waxing, which is extremely painful and sometimes can leave you with rashes, and shaving, which is easy an fast but will irritate the skin and will promote hair growth. People also use hair removal creams, which can affect the skin due to the it harsh chemicals it contains.

Essential Laser Hair Removal Equipment

In order to conduct Laser Hair Removal essential Laser Hair Removal equipment is necessary, and that is the laser machine. There are several types of Laser Hair Removal equipment available and depending on the budget, amount of clientele you expect and facilities you require from it you can choose the best one that fits your needs.

Most Laser Hair Removal equipment will also be able to perform dermatology applications, aesthetics, leg veins corrections, haemangiomas, vascular treatment and of course hair removal. Most Laser Hair Removal equipment is expensive. However, financing can be made available through your bank or other financing agents, which sometimes are directly connected with the companies that manufacture and distribute the hair laser removal equipment.

Bargains Laser Hair Removal Equipment

If you are looking for some bargains on Laser Hair Removal equipment, you may find them in salon that are closing or moving and want to get rid of their existing equipment. To find these bargains will require following local newspapers, or even placing an advertisement in the newspapers that you are looking for second hand Laser Hair Removal equipment.

Sometimes the manufacturers of the laser equipment may be able to help and direct you to those who wish to sell their existing machines because at times people will contact the manufacturers first to enquire if they would like to purchase their product back at a discounted price.

Helpful Tip

Finding Laser Hair Removal equipment that is in good condition should, however, be your first priority because you will be dealing with extremely delicate parts of the human body and any malfunction can be devastating. If possible, try and ensure you have some type of guarantee from whom you purchase second hand equipment and also try it out before you close the deal. New equipment will always come with guarantee and free service and that is the reason why you should try and always purchase new products if possible.

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